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The Woman in Black Brings Daniel Radcliffe to the Darker Side

By on March 1, 2012

Few remember the original movie, adapted by the novel, The Woman in Black from 1989. The fans of the former movie had to take a back seat for the mass of new fans, though, when Daniel Radcliffe was cast as Author Kidd.

This new role was Radcliffe’s first time being on the big screen without a scar on his face, still had the glasses at times but it wasn’t too obvious. The only times during the movie when it was somewhat questionable if he was still attached to his former character was when he went from scare to scare and someone in the audience finally said, “Daniel, you’re not Harry Potter anymore, get out of there!”

However, while the movie had its scares and suspense, some scenes were just too quiet too drawn out with little happening besides Radcliffe sadly looking around an old house. The plot was eerie with the lurking presence of an old widow and Radcliffe’s memories of his late wife but too played out in the long train and car riding sequences.

The original 1989 version had a different turn, leaving Author Kidd’s wife alive with a family but the killing off of the wife in the 2012 version made for a bit of a more likable father-son relationship.

There were also more deaths than the 1989 version which is normal in today’s horror movies, but sometimes quantity over quality does not work. For this film in particular, the deaths were not terribly gruesome, in fact most of the moments right before the deaths were cut away, which did work to the advantage of the plot and twist at the end.

In an interview with Daniel Radcliffe, he said the children did very well and were very realistic despite the cold weather and long scenes. The other characters played their part as well as they could with few lines and opportunities to show anything other than gloomy attitudes.

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