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Oakwood Campus Hosts UNG Athletics Events

By on September 24, 2013

When the consolidation was announced last year, students on the Oakwood campus had a lot to look forward to about being the University of North Georgia.For many students, the biggest thing to look forward to was athletics.

Speculation began about how the UNG athletic department would utilize the Oakwood campus, if at all. Opinions were different amongst students and faculty at the Oakwood campus on the subject.

Many thought athletics would stay exclusive to Dahlonega and the Oakwood campus wouldn’t see any sports compete. Others thought that both campuses could be used as the home field for some sports citing the fact that UNG doesn’t have a track and field program, but the Oakwood campus already has a track. If UNG was to start a track and field team, it would make sense for it to be based where the track already is.

For over a year, it was all just speculation. That speculation was put to rest when the Nighthawks’ fall sports schedules were announced. While it wasn’t one of the major sports, on September 14 the men’s women’s cross-country teams hosted the University of North Georgia Invitational on the Oakwood campus.

The first event hosted on the campus was considered a success. Of the six schools competing in the UNG Invitational, the Nighthawks finished first place with four runners placing in the top five and 13 in the top half of a field of 59 runners.

UNG cross country runner Maggie Tindol crosses the finish line during the Oakwood campus' first taste of UNG athletics. Courtesy of

UNG cross country runner Maggie Tindol crosses the finish line during the Oakwood campus’ first taste of UNG athletics. Courtesy of

The cross-country team plans to continue hosting the UNG Invitational on the Oakwood Campus every year.

Cross-country isn’t the only sport that the Oakwood campus will host this year. In late October, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will both have inter-squad scrimmages at the Oakwood Campus. While it may not be regular season games, the Nighthawk basketball teams are still coming to Oakwood for scrimmages in front of a crowd of students who normally wouldn’t get the chance to watch these teams play.

With two sports already planning on utilizing the Gainesville campus, what else can the people on this campus look forward to? Only time will tell.

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