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Buying Textbooks: GSC Bookstore vs. Online

By on August 25, 2011

All college students can agree on one thing: textbooks are too expensive. Every semester, most full-time students spend at least $100 on books.

This leads to the million dollar question: is it cheaper to purchase textbooks online or at the Gainesville State College bookstore?

GSC student Kevanna Wiggins thinks it’s “smarter to get books online than at the bookstore because it saves money.”

“When you get a book from the bookstore for $180 and then try to sell it back, they buy it from you for $15. If you get a book offline  for $60 and the bookstore buys it back for $20, you don’t feel bad,” said GSC student Ebony Norman.

As food and gas prices continue to escalate, students are searching for alternative ways to pay for school supplies. Does it matter where you get the books from, especially  if one avenue leaves your pockets a lot lighter?



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