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Buying Food from the GSC Café v. Buying Food off Campus

By on September 13, 2011

The Gainesville State College cafeteria has a new look: an all new food court-like style in the cafeteria.

Unlike last year where food choices were limited, the new café offers more to choose from: tacos, sub sandwiches, pizza, hotdogs, cheese hamburgers, fries, salad and more. Also new this year, is the increase in prices.

With prices ranging from $1.99 for a slice of pizza, to $5.00 for a sandwich, it leaves one wondering: Is it worth it to spend money at the school café or go off campus for lunch?

“I would rather spend money off campus, than to spend money at the school cafeteria,” Justin Castleberry said earlier this week. “I could buy something off the Dollar Menu and spend less than I would at school.”

Unlike McDonalds where you can create a combo meal off of the Dollar Menu, I found it isn’t so easy so at GSC.

Why? Because there is no dollar menu. Also, not everything off the menu comes with a side, such as fries or chips and a drink, forcing students to pay extra just for a bite to eat at school.

If I wanted to buy a cheeseburger, fries and a soda, it may cost more than at a fast food restaurant, since prices may not include side items, like french fries.

“It’s convenient to buy food from the cafeteria,” said Mark Green. “If you don’t have time to go across the street to get something, it saves you time.”

Saving time and not giving up that great parking space makes the prices and even the food at the GSC café attractive to students.

However, if the given the choice to choose between paying $7 for a meal, or getting a Meal Deal from Taco Bell for two dollars and losing my parking space, I would definitely choose Taco Bell.

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